Agencies representing Kep1er’s Dayeon and Ciipher’s Won address dating rumours

Both companies neither confirmed or denied any relationship between the idols

Following speculations of a potential relationship between Kep1er’s Dayeon and Ciipher’s Won, the management agencies representing both idols have issued statements addressing the reports.

Earlier this week, reports from South Korean media outlets alleged that Kep1er’s Dayeon and Ciipher’s Won are in a relationship. A report by TenAsia notes that speculation about the idols’ relationship surfaced after both of them were seen posting about visiting the same places and wearing the same clothes.

CJ ENM, the company that owns management companies Swing Entertainment and WAKEONE, claimed that they do not see a reason to respond to the dating rumours. “Because this is a personal matter, it’s difficult for us to give an answer,” the company said of the matter, as translated by Soompi.


RAIN Company, Ciipher’s management agency, claimed that it is difficult to confirm the rumours. “It is difficult to confirm [whether the report is true] because it’s the artist’s personal life,” the agency explained, as translated by Soompi.

Neither Dayeon nor Won has addressed the dating rumours at the time of writing.

Kep1er recently released their third mini-album ‘Troubleshooter’. The record, led by title track ‘We Fresh’, is their third release for the year—following their sophomore mini-album ‘Doublast’ in June and their debut mini-album ‘First Impact’ in January.

Ciipher, comprised of Tan, Hwi, Hyunbin, Keita, Tag, Dohwan and Won, is the first group signed under RAIN Company. The group made their debut in 2021 with mini-album ‘I Like You’ and recently released their third EP, ‘The Code’, in May.

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