Premiere: Singaporean R&B artist KEYANA releases ‘SCORPIO’, her second single

The Ghanaian-Singaporean singer tells NME about the track and the worst part of growing a music career

Singaporean R&B artist KEYANA has released her second single, ‘SCORPIO’. NME has the exclusive premiere of its moody music video – watch it below.

The 17-year-old Ghanaian-Singaporean – whose real name is Melanie Kasise – is also a model, dancer and choreographer. In May, she took her first step into the realm of music and released the song ‘Save It’, which was produced by Yung Raja collaborator FlightSch. The month after, she returned to the studio to start work on ‘SCORPIO’.

The new single – which astrology buffs will know is landing smack dab in Scorpio season – is about KEYANA’s experiences being trapped in a toxic, disempowering relationship.


NME caught up with KEYANA to talk about her artist moniker, the process of making ‘SCORPIO’ and what else she has planned. Watch the video and check out the Q&A below.

How did you decide to go by KEYANA? It’s a pretty distinct name from Melanie…

The reason I chose to go with a completely different artist name was because my legal name has a lot of personal meaning and history to it. My paternal grandmother carries the exact same name. With that, I never want a name like ours to be in the public eye and present for people to talk about.

Hence I decided to go with KEYANA, so if anything, it’d just connect to me and not my family or my grandmother. The story behind the name KEYANA is honestly just a random moment of creativity watching YouTube at 4am.

‘SCORPIO’, like ‘Save It’, is based on your real-life experiences. How do you go about translating what’s happened in your life into lyrics?


For ‘SCORPIO’ I really took the most direct approach in translating the incident into lyrics. To describe exactly how I felt and what I wish I could say to that person right now. Whenever I write songs about things that’s happened in my life, I always make sure to write the song in a way that captures my pain but encapsulates my growth at the same time.

Who produced this track and what was the recording process like?

This track was produced by Danish Naufal! The recording process was very smooth for this song. All the words and melodies flowed out once I heard the instrumental for the first time. Once I wrote it, recording everything was very straightforward. The only difficulty I faced was making sure I express the pain through my voice, so anyone that’s listening is able to feel through just listening to the song.

The video ends by letting the inquiring minds know you’re a Cancer – and also wraps up with the phrase ‘Another Day, Another Man’. Is that a title to an upcoming song, or project?

That isn’t the title to anything yet at the moment, but that is a very good idea! ‘Another Day, Another Man’ is really just me simply saying, as we grow, there’s always gonna be someone out there that’ll be toxic for us and hurt us. For everyone to just move on because all of that just ain’t worth it.

As a new artist coming up in Singapore, what’s been the best and worst part of this process so far?

The best part of being a new artist in Singapore really is meeting new people, bonding and connecting with people through music – something that means so much to so many people – and then listening and finding out each of our stories with music.

The worst part is self-inflicted actually: the pressure I put on myself and sometimes feeling like there isn’t anyone supporting my music, and then just suddenly feeling the lack of drive and enthusiasm.

What’s coming up for you next?

I am working on a larger body of music! An EP actually. There isn’t an exact date or when I wanna put it out there just yet, though. I’m just gonna let time do its thing and finally release it when I feel like it’s ready!