Kugiran Masdo’s music video for ‘Dewi Puspita’ is full of bloodstained intrigue

Taken off their latest project 'Jalan Abbey'

Malaysian retro rock band Kugiran Masdo have dropped a music video for their single ‘Dewi Puspita’ (‘Love Goddess’).

The clip for the song, taken off their latest album ‘Jalan Abbey’, arrived on YouTube on Saturday (April 10).

The music video – directed by Faizal Noar – featured Malaysian actors Mimi Lana (as The Lady), Josiah Hogan (The Agent) and Che Man (The Affair). It kicks off with the Agent passing scandalous photographs of the Lady and the Affair to Kugiran Masdo vocalist and ‘spurned lover’ Ali Sariah.


After having his blindfold removed and being roughed up by Ali and his band members, the Affair is shot at point-blank range – and things get bloodier from there.

Watch the music video below.

Unlike the plot of the video, the song instead touches on loyalty to a lover.

Biar seribu datang menganggu / mencoba meracuni kalbu / impian ku cuma / engkau yang satu yang selalu setia menunggu,” Ali sings: “Let a thousand attempt to poison your heart, but my only dream is you, the one who loyally awaits.”

The ‘Dewi Puspita’ video follows the band’s release of an animated clip for ‘Janji Manis’ (‘Sweet Promises’). Both songs appear on Kugiran Masdo’s second EP ‘Jalan Abbey’, which they recorded in the famed Abbey Road Studios in London in late 2019.


Besides Ali Sariah, the band consists of lead guitarist Asmawi, and bassist Putu Ceri. Their drummer Ambobzeela, real name Azham Ahmad, is also a founding member of Hujan.

Formed in 2015, the band rose to fame with their ’60s pop sound and the singles ‘Bunga’, ‘Bercanda Di Malam Indah’, and ‘Dinda’, among others. They dropped their debut album ‘Selamat Tinggal Pujaan’ (‘Farewell to the Admired’) in 2019.

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