Kyoto Protocol share new song, ‘Faded Lights’, a potential “fan favourite sobfest”

The Malaysian rock band's second single of the year

Malaysian rock band Kyoto Protocol have released their latest single, ‘Faded Lights’.

The track was released onto major streaming platforms on Thursday (November 25), with an animated music video scheduled to release on December 2.

‘Faded Lights’ combines sombre guitar chords, a melodic bassline and crisp percussion in a backdrop for vocalist Fuad’s bleak lyrics: “You decided / What’s better for us and my opinion didn’t matter / The faded lights are never coming back“.


Listen to ‘Faded Lights’ below.

‘Faded Lights’ comes right in time for “breakup season”, a period in November where couples often split. “This is a song that tugs right at the heartstrings,” the band say in a press statement.

Bassist and producer Shakeil added: “I have a feeling that this track is going to replace ‘Now You’re Gone’ as a fan favourite sobfest. Even when reviewing the draft edit of the music video, we were all in tears.”

‘Faded Lights’ marks the second track that the band have released since 2018, sharing via the press release that the pandemic had made it difficult for them to travel and work on new material together.

In June, Kyoto Protocol released ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’, accompanied by a music video that stitched together clips of the band performing together before the pandemic hit.


Kyoto Protocol consist of Fuad (vocals/lead guitars), Gael (vocals/keyboards), Hairi (guitars), Shakeil (bass), and Shanjeev (drums). Their last full-length release was 2018’s ‘The Pen Is Mightier’.