Laze reflects on chasing happiness in new single ‘Simulasi Harta Takhta’

“The main goal is to make wealth, not to fake wealth”

Indonesian rapper Laze has released his new single, ‘Simulasi Harta Takhta’.

On the track, the artist reflects on people’s tendency to seek happiness and comfort in wealth and prosperity, making use of the middle class’ cliche fantasy of being rich. In a statement, he shared the key message of the song: “The main goal is to make wealth, not to fake wealth.”

Meanwhile, the accompanying music video follows Laze as he performs the song from inside a posh home. Towards the end of the clip, he hops on his car and ends up on the rooftop of a building.


‘Simulasi Harta Takhta’ is his second release of the year. Last month, he dropped his collaboration with pop duo Livingroom. called ‘Tempat Pulang’.

In 2021, the artist worked with fellow rapper Rayi Putra for the song ‘LAGI?’. He also teamed up with several Indonesian artists in the Joox Originals project titled ‘Kedap Suara’, a track created for last year’s Ramadan. Laze co-wrote the song with .Feast’s Baskara Putra and performed with Baskara, MARTIALS/, Barasuara’s Iga Massardi, Dekat’s Kamga, Mantra Vutura and Lomba Sihir’s Natasha Udu.