Leanne & Naara announce debut album, ‘Daybreak’, out this November

The duo also released a new single and music video for ‘Who’s Gonna Love You’

Filipino singer-songwriter duo Leanne & Naara have announced their highly anticipated debut album, ‘Daybreak’.

The duo revealed the album’s title and release date via an Instagram post following the release of the record’s second single, ‘Who’s Gonna Love You’, last Friday. The album is scheduled to arrive on November 27, and will feature the single ‘Keeping Me Up’, which released earlier in October.

“This is all your sleepless nights turned into songs,” the duo wrote in their poetic announcement. “Isolation and loneliness oftentimes lead to the most introspective moments, but just as the colors of sky change, our deepest, most personal thoughts and feelings are gone with it, and a new dawn rises.”


Check out Leanne & Naara’s album announcement below.


The album’s announcement came in tandem with ‘Who’s Gonna Love You’s release on Friday, October 30. The second track to feature on the upcoming album, ‘Who’s Gonna Love You’ tells the story of “someone who keeps on searching for love but somehow always ends up failing and more hurt than the time before”, the duo explained on Instagram.

The song arrived with a music video, which was conceptualised, directed and shot by Filipino filmmakers Shaira Luna – who also serves as the duo’s creative director – and Lance Luna.


According to LionhearTV, Leanne & Naara’s two music videos from the ‘Daybreak’ cycle were inspired by “visually aesthetic French music videos”, and that they had decided upon “color treatment that is fit for the mood of every song”.

Check out the music video below.



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