Lee Chung-ah and Park Gyu-young to star in new Netflix series ‘Celebrity’

The 12-episode series depicts dark sides of celebrity and influencer culture

Lee Chung-ah and Park Gyu-young are set to take on the lead roles in Netflix’s upcoming series, Celebrity.

On August 17, JTBC reported that the two South Korean stars have recently joined the upcoming 12-part Netflix series. Celebrity is said to centre around the lives of those in the emerging “celebrity” class, as well as those who envy them, per MyMusicTaste’s translation. The series will explore fears, pain, and desires of those surrounding this world of celebrities.

Lee (Because This Is My First Life) is set to play Yoon Shi-hyung, an elegant woman born into a distinguished and wealthy family who has lived her life without experiencing hardship. However, she is also sharp and harsh woman who is capable of making a grown man cry with her words once she considers his actions “wrong”.


Meanwhile, Park (It’s Okay Not To Be Okay, Sweet Home) stars as Seo Ah-ri, the pretty and intelligent daughter of a rich family who is used to being at the centre of attention. An incident that occurred 10 years prior to the start of the series was a turning point for the young woman, which allowed her to reach new heights in her life. However, the same incident is also her “fastest way to the bottom”.

It is currently unknown when Celebrity is set to premiere, however, further details on the series are expected in the coming weeks.

In other K-drama related news, Son Ye-jin and Jeon Mi-do have taken on lead roles in the upcoming JTBC drama, Thirty, Nine. Set to air in the first half of 2022, the series will follow the lives and friendship of a trio of long-time high school friends

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