Lee Hyo-ri opens up about tough childhood, reveals her dad used to hit her

"I love him, but I do have this scar on one part of my heart that he gave me"

South Korean veteran musician Lee Hyo-ri has opened up about her tough childhood and her relationship with her family.

Lee Hyo-ri recently made a guest appearance on the latest episode of the MBC reality series The Oppa Of Tteokbokki House, which aired on May 31, during which she opened up about her difficult upbringing.

“My parents had me and my three siblings in the countryside. Then, they moved to Seoul with only ₩500 in their hands. It was little money for the six of us,” she shared, per SBS NewsCo-host and comedian Ji Suk-jin clarified that ₩500 at the time was the monetary equivalent of ₩500,000 (roughly £320) these days. “That’s very little, indeed,” he said.


Lee continued to explain how her family had managed to get by after moving to the city. “My parents borrowed money from their families and opened a small barbershop. We lived off the money they made from the barbershop. My parents went through a lot at that time,” she recalled.

Later in the episode, Lee spoke up about her relationship with her parents, and touch on how she used to be “scared” of her father in particular. “He was strict to us when we were young,” she noted, revealing that her father “used to hit me often as well” when he got “angry”.

“I think it was because he had lots of anger and frustration in mind, as life in Seoul was not easy. So, I do understand him in a way,” Lee shared. “It’s not like I hate him for that though. I love him, but I do have this scar on one part of my heart that he gave me.”

Lee Hyo-ri first made her debut as part of the DSP Media girl group Fin.K.L in 1998, before breaking out as a soloist in 2003. She has gone on to put out numerous hit singles since, including ’10 Minutes’ in 2003, ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ in 2010, ‘Miss Korea’ in 2013 and more.