Levi’s Malaysia announces virtual showcase with Dato’ Maw, MAYABAYU and more

Alien Lipstick Fire and Margasatwa are the other two Music Project finalists

Levi’s Malaysia has announced a date for its upcoming virtual showcase, where four local musical acts will vie for a RM20,000 grant.

The four finalists performing on December 22 are indie band Alien Lipstick Fire, rock outfit Margasatwa, rapper Dato’ Maw and singer-songwriter MAYABAYU. They were selected from over 200 submissions that were received as part of the Levi’s Malaysia Music Project.


Per a press release, the four finalists were selected “based on their authenticity, unique talents, individual merits and credibilities” by a panel of Malaysian judges which include Levi’s Malaysia representatives and programme mentors Jennifer Thompson and Tang Eu Jin.

Formed in 2015, indie band Alien Lipstick Fire have been performing in the local gig circuit since their early days. They released their first original music in 2018, earning themselves a following for tracks such as ‘Different Days’, ‘Simple City’ and ‘Can’t Sleep’.

Margasatwa – who are five rock musicians each from different parts of the country – are best known for songs like ‘Ego’ and ‘Asmara Botol Kaca’. They are also known for their hybrid sound, which combine elements of rock music with traditional styles such as keroncong and Malaysian folk genre inang.

A rapper best known for his ability to seamlessly fuse Malay and Chinese lyrics together, Dato’ Maw has been drawing in fans with songs like ‘PLANTA’ and ‘JIAK PA BUI’ since his debut.

While singer-songwriter MAYABAYU has been writing music since she was 11 years old, she made her debut in 2016, and is best known for incorporating elements of synth pop and East Malaysian tribal influences through tracks like ‘If I Fall In Love’ and ‘Huminodun’.

After the upcoming showcase, one act will walk away with an RM20,000 music video grant and a “once in a lifetime chance to elevate their profile through a collaboration with Levi’s Music Project mentors”.


The competition between the four finalists is just the first of three phases that Levi’s Music Project intends to roll out over the next three years, kicking off with the four acts recording a brand new song funded by Levi’s Big A Studio.

The Levi’s Music Project aims to support and create new opportunities for rising local talents who don’t have a platform to showcase their talents to the world given the restrictions on live performances due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

More information on the Levi’s Malaysia Music Project virtual showcase is expected to be announced in the weeks leading up to the event.