lewloh releases poignant new single ‘summer boy’

The track will feature on lewloh's upcoming sophomore album

Singaporean singer-songwriter lewloh has released a new single titled ‘summer boy’.

The track is the first preview of the musician’s upcoming sophomore studio album, due for release later this August. Clocking in at just under three minutes, ‘summer boy’ explores the singer’s regret after a failed summer fling, in which he refused to open up in fears of rejection.

Throughout the track, lewloh – real name Lewis Loh – recalls how the relationship fell apart. “I never got to shine for you / I never made time for you” he sings on the chorus as he comes to terms with his missed opportunities.


“I wrote ‘summer boy’ thinking about the finite time you had with someone, and wishing you were easy-going whilst you were in that relationship,” lewloh said in a press release.

lewloh, formerly known as LEW, made his debut in 2016. He released a string of singles, including ‘Two’ and ‘Loved You So’, before dropping his debut studio album ‘Lullacry’ in 2017. Over the course of the next three years, LEW released a handful of singles plus two EPs: 2018’s ‘There’s Something In My Eye’ and 2019’s ‘Red Flags’.

In 2020, lewloh released new music under his new moniker. His most recent single ‘Robots’ arrived in October last year.