Liam Gallagher says the ’90s would have been “shite” with social media

He thinks tweeting as his younger self could've landed him in hot water

Liam Gallagher has said that social media would have caused some problems if it’d been around in the 1990s.

The former Oasis frontman, who regularly posts and interacts with fans on Twitter, was recently asked by one of his followers: “How different do you think the 90s would have been with social media?”

In response, the singer wrote: “It’d have been shite we’d all be in prison.”


Later, another user asked Gallagher what the “best thing” was about chatting to his fans on the platform. “I love it I feel the love ❤️,” he replied. You can see both posts below.

It comes after the ‘C’mon You Know’ artist shared his thoughts on cancel culture last year. “Who the fuck are these people cancelling you, anyway? Like, fuck off,” Gallagher said.

“Unless they come around to your house and say you’re cancelled. You’re still going to do your fucking thing, they don’t speak for everyone, do they?”

He continued: “The cancelling people just speak for the cancelled world, they don’t fucking speak for everyone. You can still go and do your gig, there are people out there who are going to like what you’ve got to say. Bring it fucking on, you fucking squares!”


Another recent tweet, meanwhile, saw Gallagher reveal that he will begin “sowing the seeds” of his fourth solo album this year.

In a four-star review of last year’s Knebworth 22 film, NME wrote: “His Knebworth 22 may never attain the near-mythical status of its Oasis predecessor, but – as the film shows – it arrived at a moment when generations of music lovers needed an excuse to get together, get teary-eyed and enjoy a boozy singalong.”

Gallagher is due to headline Boardmasters festival this summer alongside Florence + The Machine.

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