Ex-LIGHTSUM singer Jian shares handwritten letter addressing her departure from the group

"I don't think this is [the] end. I won't give up on my dream and I will keep pursuing it," she wrote to fans

Former LIGHTSUM member Jian has shared with fans a handwritten letter following her recent departure from the K-pop group.

CUBE Entertainment announced last week on October 25 that the 15-year-old idol left LIGHTSUM alongside former bandmate Huiyeon after a “reorganisation” of the act. The K-pop group now consists of six members –  Sangah, Chowon, Nayoung, Hina, Juhyeon and Yujeong.

Jian created a personal Instagram account in the week following her withdrawal from the band. She has now uploaded a handwritten letter addressing her fans and expressing her gratitude for the group’s fanbase, SUMIT.


In her letter, Jian looked back on her time with LIGHTSUM and thanked her fans for supporting her throughout her journey as part of the K-pop band. “It’s all because of SUMIT that I was able to grow through so many great experiences in such a short time, and receive so much love as well,” she wrote in her letter, written entirely in English.

“Of course, there were times when I was exhausted and going through difficulties; yet I was able to endure them all only because of your support,” Jian expressed. “And now – about a year and four months later – I have become a stronger person, I believe. I don’t think this is [the] end. I won’t give up on my dream and I will keep pursuing it. I believe I can meet you again someday, somewhere. I know you are concerned about me but I really hope that this doesn’t cause you to worry about me.”

“Thank you so much for making unforgettable and beautiful memories that I’ll always cherish. As always, I’ll never forget about SUMIT, so please don’t think this is the end of our stories,” Jian concluded. “I hope to count on your support in the future.”

Former bandmate Huiyeon has yet to personally address her departure from LIGHTSUM at the time of publication. The rookie girl group made their debut as an eight-piece in April 2021 with the single album ‘Vanilla’, rated four stars in an NME review. It was subsequently followed up by their sophomore single album ‘Light a Wish’ with the lead track ‘Vivace’ that October.

Their most recent music was their first mini-album ‘Into the Light’ released in May 2022, which featured lead single ‘Alive’. That record now marks LIGHTSUM’s final release with their original line-up.