Lil Asian Thiccie and Mulan Theory explore hyperpop euphoria on new single ‘What If We Just Kissed’

The song will feature on Lil Asian Thiccie’s upcoming EP, ‘VR-GF’

Malaysian rapper Lil Asian Thiccie has released a new song entitled ‘What If We Just Kissed’ with Penang-based producer Mulan Theory.

The single, released today (October 22), features a vintage UK garage beat that transforms into something futuristic-sounding, set against Lil Asian Thiccie’s distinctive vocals.

The track sees the Malaysian musician dive deeper into her exploration of hyperpop, straying further away from her earlier sound of hip-hop and R&B.


Listen to ‘What If We Just Kissed’ below.

“If Princess Bubblegum wrote a song for Marceline… this is how it would sound,” Lil Asian Thiccie said of the track via a press release, referring to characters from the Cartoon Network show Adventure Time.

She continued: ”If you’re not automatically transported into an Adventure Time-animated fever dream-fourth dimension universe when you listen to this song, you have zero imagination.”

‘What If We Just Kissed’ serves as the latest preview of Lil Asian Thiccie’s upcoming EP ‘VR-GF’, which has yet to receive a release date. The track follows two previous releases earlier in the year.

In late-April, she released an R&B cut titled ‘Fanta Grape’, followed by ‘Lie 2 U’ in mid-June.


Mulan Theory is a Penang-based producer and singer-songwriter who has released three singles this year – ‘a n g e l s’, ‘Bound Aries’ and the most recent single ‘Luv Rider’ in mid August.