Lil Asian Thiccie continues hyperpop transformation on new mixtape ‘Mid Century’

The Malaysian rapper is also readying her new EP ‘VR-GF’

Malaysian rapper Lil Asian Thiccie has released the new mixtape ‘Mid Century’, featuring a glitchcore remix of The Kid LAROI and Justin Bieber‘s ‘Stay’.

The mixtape was released on Soundcloud and Youtube on May 6 and features nine hyperpop tracks with production from JAENYX, sp1nner, Iknosaen and more. Notably, the eighth track on the mixtape is a glitchcore rework of the Kid LAROI and Bieber hit ‘Stay’, with Lil Asian Thiccie bringing her distinctive vocals to the track.

Listen to Lil Asian Thiccie’s ‘Mid Century’ mixtape below.


The mixtape continues the rapper’s foray into hyperpop as seen in the single ‘What If We Just Kissed’ with Penang-based producer Mulan Theory, which was released in October 2021.

‘What If We Just Kissed’ is also the third single to be released from Lil Asian Thiccie’s upcoming EP ‘VR-GF’, which has yet to receive a release date. In late April last year, she released an R&B cut titled ‘Fanta Grape’, followed by ‘Lie 2 U’ in mid-June.

Lil Asian Thiccie also recently featured on a January remix of Malaysian indie duo Herbal Candy’s single ‘Big Boi’, titled ‘Big Gurl’. The all-female rework of Herbal Candy’s October 2021 single features the same suave beat from Herbal Candy’s original track, with Lil Asian Thiccie, Malaysian artist Tmun and American singer plainfacedgirl contributing their own verses.

In 2021, she joined Joe Flizzow, Luqman Podolski, SonaOne and FORCEPARKBOIS for Raising The Bar’s 10th-anniversary Virtual House Party concert, which featured 11 hours of performances from a selection of Malaysia’s big hip-hop names.


Counting the likes of Doja Cat and Nicki Minaj as inspirations, Lil Asian Thiccie caught the attention of KL’s rap scene with her song ‘Hiao’ in 2017.