Lil Xan sued for allegedly pulling a gun during argument about 2Pac

Xan evoked the ire of 2Pac fans by calling the rapper "boring" in 2018

Lil Xan is being sued for allegedly pulling a gun during a heated argument about 2Pac.

In 2018, Xan attracted the ire of 2Pac fans following an interview. When asked for his opinion on the late hip-hop icon, the 21-year-old dismissively shrugged and said he made “boring music”.

In June 2019, he was reportedly involved in a heated argument at a 7-Eleven in Los Angeles about the comments, which has led to legal action being taken.


According to court documents obtained by TMZ, a man named Anthony Sanchez is suing the rapper following the confrontation, during which he alleges that Xan threatened him with a gun.

Lil Xan and Tupac
Lil Xan and Tupac CREDIT: Getty

Sanchez is reportedly claiming that he suffered “severe emotional distress,” and is suing for assault and battery.

It’s not the only physical confrontation resulting from Xan’s 2Pac comments. Shortly after Xan’s initial comments the police were called to rescue the rapper after he was confronted by a number of high school students.

While the situation didn’t get physical, he was forced to flee to a nearby YMCA, where the police came to escort him to his car.

The day following the incident, the rapper used a fan meet-and-greet to backtrack on his 2Pac comments.


In a fan-recorded video, he can be heard saying: “For real, I gotta say something. The media twisted my words. I think 2Pac is a legend. 2Pac is definitely a legend.”

He later played 2Pac’s classic 1995 single ‘California Love’ featuring Dr. Dre at a live show in an apparent peace offering.

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