Lily Gonzales of The Ransom Collective shares breezy new solo single ‘By The Sea’

Released under the name Lili, it's the Filipina singer-songwriter's first song written on the ukulele

Lily Gonzales of Filipino indie folk band The Ransom Collective has dropped her latest solo single ‘By The Sea’ under the moniker Lili.

Released last Friday (July 23), the song is inspired by the singer’s months-long stay in Indonesia, where was stuck due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “I remembered the life I just lived: being with someone I loved and doing fun activities by the sea,” she said.

Listen to ‘By The Sea’ below:


‘By The Sea’ is the first full song Gonzales wrote with a ukulele, she revealed. “I managed to come up with this set of chords that I really liked, and I couldn’t help but sing about the ocean, as I was literally living next to it for a month at that time,” she recalled.

“When I came home to the Philippines, I had enough potential songs to produce an album, including the ukulele song I started in Indonesia. So I came back to it. As such, the words came flowing effortlessly.”

She tapped her producer Mikey Amistoso to play the bass in a jazzy sort of “walking bass line” style for the single. The artist also enlisted the help of percussionist Jacques Dufourt and guitarist Enzo Zulueta, who added “reggae and bossa inspired parts”, according to Gonzalez. Amistoso also added in sounds of the ocean – captured personally by Gonzalez – at the start of the song.

‘By The Sea’ follows her first two releases ‘Summer’ and ‘Till Then’ in April and June, respectively. All three tracks will be part of Lili’s debut coming-of-age-inspired album called ‘Sunchild’, which is scheduled for release in August.


Earlier this month, Gonzales’ bandmate Leah Halili also made her solo debut with the single ‘Fourth of July’.