Linying releases wistful new single, ‘Springtime’

Another taste of the Singaporean artist's debut album, which arrives in 2022

Singaporean singer-songwriter Linying has released ‘Springtime’, her latest single and second overall from her upcoming debut album.

The wistful single was crafted with UK production duo Myriot (whose past credits include London Grammar and Birdy) and features the sounds of the Chinese instrument the erhu. It sees Linying indulging in the euphoria of a first love, but not without caution.

You just need the springtime / Because the tides are turning now and you find / I get your insides churning / It’s not that I’m unfazed, I just know my place,” she sings.


Listen to ‘Springtime’ below.

When discussing the inspiration for ‘Springtime’ in a press statement, Linying evoked a personal memory. “It’s mid-March, and the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, and I’m standing on the lawn thinking — who wouldn’t want to feel like this all the time?” she said.

“When it’s this beautiful, who can really tell what’s real and what’s just an excuse to return to this idyllic state of constant bliss? Is it real love, or is it just the springtime?”

‘Springtime’ follows ‘Daylight Blows Into One Door’ as the latest single from Linying’s as-yet-untitled debut album, which arrives in 2022. The latter song was co-written with Chris Walla, formerly of Death Cab for Cutie.


Last week, Linying performed at Singapore’s annual National Day Parade, singing the event’s theme song, ‘The Road Ahead’, with Sezairi, Shye and Shabir. The song was co-written and produced by evanturetime.