Linying shares new single ‘Faith’ and announces debut album ‘There Could Be Wreckage Here’

The Singaporean singer-songwriter's debut album will finally arrive in 2022

Singaporean singer-songwriter Linying has released a new single, ‘Faith’, and announced her debut album ‘There Could Be Wreckage Here’.

The track was uploaded onto all major streaming platforms on Friday (October 15). Linying co-wrote ‘Faith’ in Melbourne with Tentendo and Lanks. She co-produced it with Myriot, who co-wrote previous Linying single ‘Springtime’.

Said Linying of the song: “I’ve always had trouble with predestination. I think we have so small a degree of agency and control over our circumstances, our lives, and ourselves, and so the notions of penance and salvation and consequence are really frustrating to me.


“I wrote ‘Faith’ in a moment of discouragement, wishing I could have that kind of goodness and belief in me.”

Listen to ‘Faith’ below.

‘Faith’ serves as the third single that Linying has released this year, following ‘Daylight Blows Into One Door’ (also her debut on Sony Music) in July, and ‘Springtime’ in early September.

Like the two singles before it, ‘Faith’ will appear on Linying’s long-awaited debut album, which she’s confirmed will be titled ‘There Could Be Wreckage Here’ and arrive January 14, 2022.

“In this collection of songs, I mourn the loss of my excitable self, once so enamoured with the idea of falling in love because it seemed like the most magical thing that could happen in my uneventful life,” Linying said of the album.


“In its place now are fear reflexes and defense mechanisms, and they do nothing but dull the brilliance that should follow an experience as extraordinary and beautiful. I really want to bask in the glow, but there could be total wreckage here, and it stresses the hell out of me.”

‘Daylight Blows Into One Door’, which was co-written by Death Cab For Cutie’s Chris Walla, touched upon the topic of “panic and happiness and fear and loss”. ‘Springtime’ sees Linying explore the euphoria of a first love, albeit with caution.

The three releases from Linying’s forthcoming album mark her first non-collaborative singles since ‘All Of Our Friends Know’ in 2019. She released her first collection of original music in 2016 with the EP ‘Paris 12’ and has since dropped a number of singles over the years.

Singapore’s 2021 National Day song ‘The Road Ahead’, which was co-written by Linying, was released in early July. She sings on the track alongside fellow Singaporean artists Sezairi, Shye and Shabir.