Watch Afgan and Jackson Wang’s video for slinky new single ‘M.I.A’

"We got to play out fantasies and we showed a more seductive side in this video"

Indonesian singer-songwriter Afgan and Jackson Wang of GOT7 fame have released a music video for their new collaborative single, ‘M.I.A’.

The slinky track arrived on Friday (March 19). The duo, who met in 2019, completed it about a year ago, Afgan revealed on Instagram. Due to the pandemic, they decided to hold off from releasing it.

“My producer, The Aristocrats, were showing me a selection of beats, and the intro of “M.I.A.” came across and it instantly felt like my sound. It’s a feel-good song and I think at this time in the world, we need more songs like this,” Afgan said in a press statement.


A music video for ‘M.I.A.’ dropped the day after. In the clip – which Afgan had described as “seductive” – a leather-clad woman runs her hands over the Indonesian artist, who also sings to the camera from a cramped space filled with water. Wang also appears in the video. Watch it below:

“The MV shoot was so much fun,” Afgan remarked. “We got to play out fantasies and we showed a more seductive side in this video, which is something I’ve never done before.”

Last month, Afgan became the second Indonesian act to sign with US label EMPIRE alongside Ramengvrl, making his international debut with the single ‘Say I’m Sorry’ after a 13-year stint in the Indonesian circuit.

Following the track’s release, Afgan appeared alongside the likes of Benjamin Kheng and EstelleFly and more at the third TikTok Music Night in mid February.


Jackson Wang, on the other hand, most recently featured on Korean star Rain’s song ‘Magnetic’. The two also starred in an accompanying music video for the track. Prior to the collaboration, Wang had announced that he will be releasing an English album in August.