Listen to Akeem Jahat’s poignant new song, ‘Hollywoodlands’

On the downtempo track, the Singaporean rapper grapples with loneliness despite fame

Singaporean rapper Akeem Jahat has dropped a poignant new song titled ‘Hollywoodlands’.

Earlier today (March 19), the 32-year-old announced the track’s release on all streaming platforms. This wide release comes after it was exclusively posted on his Instagram page, which was locked for a brief period recently. Akeem shared its accompanying lyric video on YouTube earlier this week.

Listen ‘Hollywoodlands’ below.


The song’s title combines Hollywood and Akeem’s stomping grounds of Woodlands in Singapore. The emotional bilingual track touches on the subject of loneliness. Over a soothing piano melody, Akeem raps in English and Malay about his feelings of being alone despite being famous.

Best sangat ke jadi termasyur, Keem? / Only if you like agendas dan orang banyak schemes (Is it so great being famous, Keem? / Only if you like agendas and people with many schemes),” he raps in the opening lines of the track.

Later, he continues address the problems that comes with fame, wondering if it’s all worth it: “Maybe lu akan minat cam sume sayang / Only if you don’t mind peribadi lu tertayang / Mungkin lu minat kawan-kawan yang sementare, yang akan mengaku brader selagi lu berade.”

The lines translates to: “Maybe you’ll enjoy being adored by everyone / Only if you don’t mind your private life laid out / Maybe you enjoy fair weather friends, who call you brother as long as you’re still around.”

Watch the lyric video below.


‘Hollywoodlands’ is Akeem’s first single for the year, following two other tracks ‘Robbin’s Revenge’ and ‘Wooligan 2020’, which he released last year.

In August 2020, Akeem was also featured on THELIONCITYBOY’s track ‘Circus Breaker (freestyle)’, which was part of the latter’s mixtape.

Akeem is arguably one of Singapore’s biggest Malay rappers who raps in both his native language and in English. He has amassed a following in both Singapore and Malaysia on the back of his 2012 mixtape ‘Suke Hati Nenek Volume I: Akeemotherapy’ and 2014’s ‘SeluDOPE’, as well as tracks like ‘$ua’ and ‘Bu$a’. He also released the live album ‘Hu$le Seribu Daya’ in 2017.