Listen to Alec Orachi’s groovy new single, ‘219’

His second single of the year, following ‘Itsukushima’

Thai singer-songwriter Alec Orachi has released a new single titled ‘219’.

The fresh single was released on digital platforms today (November 18). The single kicks off with the sounds of a band warming up in the studio, followed by the musician addressing listeners by saying that he’ll “go crazy this time” after being “too soft in the past”.

‘219’ features thick, dubby basslines and snappy percussions, led by Orachi’s psychedelic rock-inspired guitars that build to a crescendo before slowing things down for a bit.


Listen to ‘219’ below.

‘219’ serves as Orachi’s second single of the year, following ‘Itsukushima’ in late June. The track was named after the sacred Itsukushima Shrine in Japan, where births and deaths are prohibited in order to preserve its purity.

In late September, the emerging singer-songwriter performed four songs for the ASEAN Music Showcase Festival. His live set consisted of past singles ‘Itsukushima’, ‘On N Over’, ‘Take My Time’ and ‘3 Days’. Watch the performance here.

Alec Orachi made his debut with the self-produced 2019 EP ‘I’m Not What They Say I Am’. Since then, Orachi has released a handful of standalone singles. ‘Itsukushima’ also serves as his first single of the year following last December’s ‘Interline’. He was until recently based in Australia.