Listen to Alex G’s emotive new song ‘Main Theme’

The track features throughout the film 'We're All Going To The World's Fair'

Alex G has shared a new song, ‘Main Theme’. Listen to the “gentle, sad, personal” track below.

The song will feature during the opening credits and throughout the film, We’re All Going To The World’s Fair, which the musician has soundtracked.

The movie, which is set for release on April 15, is about a teenage girl who becomes obsessed with an online role-playing game. He previously shared another track made for the film, the ominous ‘End Song’ which will play at the films closing credits.


“I love horror films, but it was also important to me that my film feel more than just scary,” Jane Schoenbrun the director of the film said in a statement.

They continued: “I wanted it to feel gentle, sad, personal, and homemade: the kind of “horror” movie that might make you cry.

“When Alex’s gorgeous, emotive ‘Main Theme’ enters during our opening credits (and then recurs in mutated forms throughout the movie), it’s meant as a signal to the audience of exactly this ambition.”

The original motion picture soundtrack for the film is set for release on April 15, and will be the follow up to Alex G’s 2019 album ‘House Of Sugar’.

In a four-star review of his ninth EP, NME said, “Perhaps the most fascinating thing about Alex G is how he manages to release an album of consistently original, absorbing material every couple of years.”


The musician, real name Alexander Giannascoli, has a round of US tour dates this summer supporting Bright Eyes. Tickets are available here.

Last year, Wolf Alice covered G‘s 2017 track ‘Bobby’. The cover appeared on the new ‘Tour Deluxe’ edition of the band’s third album ‘Blue Weekend’.

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