Listen to Ardhito Pramono’s comeback single, ‘Wijayakusuma’

The first preview of the Indonesian singer-songwriter's upcoming album

Indonesian singer-songwriter Ardhito Pramono has returned with a new single, ‘Wijayakusuma’, which marks his first material since his drug-related arrest in January.

The stirring single – out today (July 8) on streaming platforms – features lush piano keys, stirring strings, operatic vocals and traditional Indonesian instruments that tell the tale of “indigenous Indonesian culture starting to fade”, according to a statement the singer made on Instagram.

Listen to ‘Wijayakusuma’ below:


Pramono further explained on social media, ‘Wijayakusuma’ was inspired by his witnessing of transactional relationships and political influences with regards to Indonesia’s land.

In a previous statement, the singer-songwriter also elaborated on its namesake: the plant known as the fishbone cactus, which was reportedly sought after by royalty for its powers of resurrection.

‘Wijayakusuma’ will also serve as the title track for Pramono’s next record. Further details surrounding the album have yet to be announced.

The musician and actor was originally arrested for marijuana possession and consumption earlier this January. He resurfaced on social media earlier in June, following a six-month rehabilitation stint he spent at East Jakarta’s Drug Addiction Hospital.

His most recent output was a cover of 1987 January Christy jazz tune, ‘Masa Masa’, which Pramono put out with film composer Erwin Gutawa.


Pramono’s return single also marks the re-emergence of Jakarta independent label Aksara Records, which originally went defunct in 2009. The label previously hosted notable acts including The Brandals, Goodnight Electric and White Shoes & The Couples Company.

Pramono first announced ‘Wijayakusuma’ earlier in June. Alongside his announcement, Pramono also shared details of an upcoming Jakarta show, which will take place on July 14 at Jakarta’s Bengkel Space SCBD. Following his solo show, the musician will also play Jakarta’s Bigu Festival, with a lineup that includes Yura Yunita, Basboi, Hindia and more.