Listen to Bangkutaman’s bluesy track ‘Tabib’ featuring Adrian Adioetomo

Ahead of an album expected later this year

Indonesian band Bangkutaman have dropped a blues-driven new single titled ‘Tabib’ featuring Adrian Adioetomo.

The song, which arrived on major streaming services on Friday (February 26) alongside a music video, comes ahead of Bangkutaman’s new album expected later this year.

According to a description on the music video, ‘Tabib’ (‘Healer’ or ‘Doctor’) touches on social issues that emerged from the coronavirus pandemic.


“It talks a lot about questions [raised] as well as public expectations on when this pandemic would end with the arrival of a true healer, not a fake healer,” it reads.

Watch Bangkutaman jam to ‘Tabib’ with Adrian Adioetomo against trippy backgrounds below.

The track is the third single to be released by Bangkutaman in the past year. In 2020, the band dropped two singles ‘Dinamika’ and ‘Badai’. Those tracks came three years after their  last release, the single ‘Lukisan’ in 2017.

On both ‘Dinamika’ and ‘Badai’, the band collaborated with numerous artists such as Adra Karim, Indra Perkasa, Darmo Soedirman, Agustinus Panji Madika, and Dharmo Sudirman.

For the upcoming album, the band are working with producer Pandji Dharma, who is the guitarist for noise rock outfit Sirati Dharma.


Formed in 1999 in Yogyakarta, Bangkutaman consist of frontman and guitarist Wahyu Acum Nugroho, bassist Madava Nanda, and drummer Christo Putra.

They released their debut album ‘Love Among the Ruins’ in 2003, followed by the critically acclaimed ‘Ode Buat Kota’ in 2010.

On the other hand, Adrian Adioetomo recently released his self-titled album, marking his third full-length release since debuting with ‘Delta Indonesia’ in 2008.