Listen to Beast Jesus’ new song ‘Trauma Fawn’ featuring Calix

The rock-rap collaboration is "a product of uncertain times"

Filipino punk band Beast Jesus dropped their new song ‘Trauma Fawn’ featuring rapper Calix late last night (November 25).

‘Trauma Fawn’ uses the imagery of a car crash to symbolise apprehension. In a statement, the band described the song as “a product of uncertain times, with a production process reflecting the text’s own internal dialogue – steeped in conflict between the unitary affirmations of life and the drive towards annihilation.”

The song is free to stream and download on Bandcamp. Listen to it below.


“I thought it’d be neat to contrast that life-affirming sense of desire with something informed by the death instinct,” vocalist F. Maria told NME.

“In my case, I used to live right next to a major trucking route, and there were times I’d try to get myself run over by 18-wheeler trucks at 3 in the morning – sometimes I’d jump back at the last second, and others, the driver would actively avoid me.

“It’s this incredibly surreal thing where you’re both immobile, and hypersensitive to the wind rushing by you – like the truck took bits of my soul in its wake, and I’m left a sentient husk of a human being, cursed to walk the earth indefinitely. The parts our guitar player wrote felt exactly like that, and it just came naturally.”

Maria also shared that they added their lyrics after Calix sent his verse, which was written in Filipino.

“His verse played to this whole will they/won’t they situation, and I thought the themes of apprehension and uncertain outcomes paired well with his use of headlights/roads as a creative device,” they said.


In a tweet, Calix described ‘Trauma Fawn’ as “one of my favorite collabs this year”. He added, “I wish my friends outside trap music would invite me more often to rap on their track.”

Maria added that they didn’t want ‘Trauma Fawn’ to be a statement on COVID-19, but more of a testament on “where we’re situated historically, and the way the state and capital prefigures a society that’s either outright hostile or aggressively indifferent to human life”.

‘Trauma Fawn’ follows Beast Jesus’ 2019 release ‘Distributed Denial of Self,’ which was an 11-track collection of material from the band’s first four years.

In 2017, they opened for American rock band Turnover’s concert in Manila. They performed alongside other Filipino bands like Tiger Pussy, Irrevocable, Outerhope, Luncheon and STOPLIGHT GO!.

Their ‘Trauma Fawn’ collaborator Calix made headlines last year when he released a politically charged album with fellow rapper BLKD titled ‘Kolateral’. The 12-track record addressed the Philippines’ drug crackdown under President Rodrigo Duterte’s administration.