Listen to Bogor indie-pop band Sousade‘s refreshing new EP, ‘Bring The Echoes’

The three-track release comes off the heels of a lineup revamp

Indonesian indie-pop band Sousade have released a new EP, ‘Bring The Echoes’.

Released last Friday (June 24) via Janari Rekords, ‘Bring The Echoes’ includes three tracks: ‘Trust Issues’, ‘Dimension’ and ‘Alter Ego’. The release showcases the band’s sophisticated blend of warm harmonies, melodic indie-pop hooks, and winding, prog-inspired passages.

According to a statement provided to Pop Hari Ini, the release revolves around issues of mental health, and processes of self-realisation and understanding.


Listen to Sousade’s ‘Bring The Echoes’ EP here:

‘Bring The Echoes’ is the second effort by the Bogor sextet. The EP is also scheduled for an upcoming cassette release, which will come courtesy of Indonesian imprint Rain! Records in the near future.

Prior to the release, the band also underwent a significant lineup reshuffle. Ayu Zahra replaced former member Nanda Riesta on vocal duties, while former keyboardist Ghilman was replaced by Stanley. The former members, however, remain contributors on the cuts ‘Trust Issues’ and ‘Dimension’.

Sousade was formed in 2018. The indie pop band’s first release came in 2020 with the EP, ‘Double Live, Double Dream’. The release contained five songs, including their debut track ‘Song One’, which they put out in 2018. Alongside new members Zahra and Stanley, the band currently consists of guitarists Nabil and Tegar, bassist Alif, and drummer Aldi.