Listen to Charlene Su and YAØ duet on ‘say it back’

The track features on Su’s newly released debut EP ‘onlyfriends’

Singaporean singer-songwriters Charlene Su and YAØ have collaborated on a new track, ‘say it back’.

The track arrived on streaming platforms last Friday (July 23) as part of Su’s debut EP ‘onlyfriends’. ‘say it back’ opens the four-track project with its bright pop textures and vocal duet between Su and YAØ.

Listen to ‘say it back’ below.


‘say it back’ tells the story of two shy partners in a relationship who hesitate to profess their love to each other, with lyrics like “I know you shy boy / you’re not so good with your words / but that’s alright boy / you can write it in a letter” and “I see ya hesitating, contemplating, overthinking / about your love babe / or maybe I’m scared to take a chance”.

‘say it back’ was written by both artists with the help of Auzaie Zie (brb., Disco Hue), Isaac Miranda, Pravin Sivarama and Shaykh Akbar.

The song is one of the two fresh tracks off Su’s new EP, alongside ‘bitter baby’. The mini album also includes previously released songs ‘i like red’ and ‘iwas4u’.

Listen to the rest of Charlene Su’s ‘onlyfriends’ EP below.


Charlene Su made her debut in 2019 with the release of two singles, ‘Home With You’ and ‘Don’t Wanna Grow Up’.

YAØ most recently collaborated with Aisyah Aziz for a jazzed-up cover of Olivia Newton-John’s Grease song ‘Hopelessly Devoted to You’. Prior to the release of the cover, he dropped a music video for ‘I Can’t Sleep’ in May. The track serves as a preview of his upcoming album ‘Broke Pop Kids’.