Listen to DeadSquad’s pummelling new single, ‘Paranoid Skizoid’

Off the Indonesian metal band's upcoming album ‘Omeg4litikum’

Indonesian death metal band DeadSquad have released a new single, ‘Paranoid Skizoid’. The song is reportedly the first glimpse of their fourth album, ‘Omeg4litikum’.

‘Paranoid Skizoid’ was released last Friday (July 9) and its lyric video on Sunday (July 11). The single is also their first recording with new drummer Roy Ibrahim, who replaced Alvin Eka Putra.

‘Paranoid Skizoid’ kicks off with manic blast beats that would incite a mosh pit at any festival, just as the tempo ramps up and the band harks back to classic deathcore trappings: furious tremolo picking, demonic guttural growls by vocalist Daniel Mardhany, and exhaustive drumwork.


Watch the lyric video for ‘Paranoid Skizoid’ below.

On Instagram, Mardhany said that ‘Paranoid Skizoid’ addresses the mental health effects of the pandemic, which is currently hitting Indonesia in a devastating wave, with 54,000 cases reported yesterday by Reuters.

While DeadSquad have not officially announced the album, the band have reportedly worked on ‘Omeg4litikum’ since December 2020, with plans to release it later this year.

According to Billboard Indonesia, founding member and guitarist Stevi Item has called the album a throwback to the band’s sonic roots in their 2009 debut album, ‘Horror Vision’. Ibrahim was last seen in a video diary released by the band as they carried on with recording sessions in March.


Earlier this year, DeadSquad collaborated with pop singer Isyana Sarasvati in a virtual concert, where the band provided dramatic, symphonic metal-infused arrangements to Isyana’s body of work.