Listen to Efek Rumah Kaca’s new lofi single ‘Heroik’

It's their first original track in two years

Indonesian indie rock veterans Efek Rumah Kaca have dropped their latest single ‘Heroik’.

The lofi number was released on major streaming services on Friday (September 9) and marks their first original single in over two years. Written and composed by frontman Cholil Mahmud, the track comes to life with the sounds of filtered percussions and intricate synthesiser work.

Typical of Efek Rumah Kaca’s trademark satire and thought-provoking themes, the lyrics to ‘Heroik’ add to their discography laden with social commentary.


Listen to the song below.


Kau berdebu / Pikiranmu / Isi hatimu / Merasa heroik / Memekik-mekik / Orang-orang bergidik” (“You’re dusted / In your thoughts / In your heart / Feeling heroic / Constantly yelling / Revolting people),” Cholil sings in the opening lines and pre-chorus of the track.

Announcing the launch of the single on Instagram, the band noted the recording of the song took place in separate places, with the drum tracks being laid down at Studio Masak Suara in Jakarta, while the guitar, bass, keyboard, and synth work was done at the Kios Ojo Keos studios in the Indonesian capital.



Prior to ‘Heroik’, Efek Rumah Kaca’s latest offering came in June when the band contributed a cover of veteran singer Candra Darusman’s track ‘Sapa Pra Bencana’ to a compilation celebrating the artist’s work.

In 2020, the band released their latest EP ‘Jalan Enam Tiga’, featuring four tracks, including the single ‘Tiba-Tiba Batu’.

Formed in 2001, the band consists of Cholil on guitar, Airil “Poppie” Nur Abadiansyah on bass, and drummer Akbar Bagus Sudibiyo. The trio have released three full-length albums, starting with their self-titled debut in 2007, followed by ‘Kamar Gelap’ in 2008, and ‘Sinestesia’ in 2015.