Listen to Eliza Marie’s gritty new single ‘You Wanted A Woman’

The Filipino-American singer-songwriter's first release of the year

Filipino-American singer-songwriter Eliza Marie has shared a gritty new single titled ‘You Wanted A Woman’.

The single was shared on major streaming platforms via Filipino imprint Offshore Music on Friday (May 6). The track, per a description provided by the artist, is “an anthem for the people who were told not to be angry about their pain.” She also revealed that her latest work made her realize the power in her emotions and to put herself first.

Unlike many of her previous bedroom pop tracks, ‘You Wanted A Woman’ is an edgier number that carries a lo-fi texture, with crunchy three-chord progressions of guitar, and a steady rock percussion tempo with accompanying synths.


Listen to ‘You Wanted A Woman’ below.

True to its title, ‘You Wanted A Woman’ touches on relationships, while the lyrics show that things may have gone sour. “I liked it better in silence baby / I guess I should shut up to call me crazy / If you wanted my best / Then I guess you should’ve never let me show my worst to you,” she sings on the chorus of the track.

The new single marks Eliza Marie’s first for 2022, following her latest five-track EP ‘California Time’, which launched in July last year.

According to OneMusicPH last year, ‘California Time’ serves as a message of optimism and acceptance of Marie’s experiences. The singer-songwriter has also cited the likes of Lennon Stella, Maggie Rogers, and Clairo as her main influences.


In 2021, Eliza Marie released her full-length debut album ‘All My Angels’, which contained 10 songs. Prior to the album, Eliza Marie released a string of singles, including ‘Bored As Hell’ and ‘Why Can’t I Just Like No One?’, both in 2021, and ‘Miss America’ and ‘I Wonder’ in 2020.

Eliza Marie’s first EP ‘hello hi’ was released on her Bandcamp page in July 2019.