Listen to Endah N Rhesa’s career-celebrating EP, ‘The Artwork’

The release was previously available exclusively as an NFT

Indonesian indie folk duo Endah N Rhesa’s have dropped a new EP, ‘The Artwork’.

Released on streaming platforms over the weekend (June 4), the EP contains four tracks, which are named after full-length releases the husband-and-wife duo released from 2009 and 2019. These include their 2009 debut ‘Nowhere to Go’, 2010’s ‘Look What We’ve Found’, 2012’s ‘Escape’, and their most recent 2019 record ‘Regenerate’.

Listen to Endah N Rhesa’s ‘The Artwork’ EP here:


Before ‘The Artwork’ dropped on streaming platforms, the release was initially put out as exclusive NFTs. Each cut on the four-track effort was available for 3 Tezos on the OBJKT NFT marketplace, and was limited to 33 prints each. The release was also accompanied by vocalist and guitarist Rhesa Aditya’s hand-drawn animations.

Endah N Rhesa most recently played May’s Java Jazz Festival, which featured a star-studded lineup including Afgan, Emma-Jean Thackray, Dewa 19’s Ahmad Dhani and Danilla Riyadi. In a recent Instagram post related to their festival appearance, the duo teased a further NFT drop for “in the near future”.

The duo’s most recent single was last May’s ‘Di Ujung Pelangi’, which adds to the group’s discography of five studio albums and one live album – 2020’s ‘Live Session’. Over their 20-year career, Endah N Rhesa have also been awarded several Anugerah Musik Indonesia awards, including Best Folk/Country/Ballad for ‘Ruang Bahagia’ in 2017.

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