Listen to Fern.’s dreamy new single ‘Whatever This Is’

The singer-songwriter drops his first single of the year

Filipino singer-songwriter Fern. has dropped a dreamy new single titled ‘Whatever This Is’.

Produced by electronic artist similarobjects and beatsmith VINCED, the chilled-out song is about diving into a relationship without fully committing to it. It’s his first single for the year and adds to a string of romance-themed releases.

I just wanna love you like I’m losing all my days / But whatever this is I want it,” he sings on the chorus. Listen to the song below.


“The song was written about a personal experience of mine. Music has always been my way of facing my emotions and coming to terms with them,” Fern. said in a statement.

“‘Whatever This Is’ is one of those songs that was made just because I wanted to let go of certain emotions and be okay with whatever I was feeling at the moment.”

The artist – real name Fern Tan – released the single under imprint Island Records Philippines.

Prior to ‘Whatever This Is’, Fern. released ‘Angel Eyes’ which came with a music video last July, as well as ‘Want U Bad’ in April and ‘Blinded’ in February.

His song ‘Kaori’ was also included in Paradise Rising’s ‘semilucent’ mixtape featuring fellow Filipino artists Kiana V, Jason Dhakal, Moophs, Leila Alcasid and Massiah.


The artist released his self-titled debut EP containing six tracks in 2018, after he shot to fame with his first single ‘Into You’ the same year.

His collaborative track ‘Down For Me’ with singer and actress Julie Anne San Jose clinched the People’s Voice Favorite Collaboration award at the 2019 Awit Awards.