Listen to Gamaliél’s atmospheric new single, ‘asteroid’

A continuation of the GAC member’s 2021 debut solo EP, ‘Q1’

Indonesian singer-songwriter Gamaliél of the band GAC has released his latest solo single, ‘asteroid’.

Released on Thursday (June 30), ‘asteroid’ was composed by Gamaliél himself with production from Aldi Nada Permama and additional violin performed by Sergio Fulvio Tommasini.

‘asteroid’ touches on the topic of moving forward in the face of adversity. “Coming to terms and overcoming our internal battles, that’s a fight on its own and part of an important process to brave before we begin to look out and start seeing the external battles to conquer,” Gamaliél explained via a press statement.


Listen to Gamaliél’s ‘asteroid’ below.

He went on to add: “It’s equally as hard and scary, but because we’ve been able to deal with ourselves within, we can confront these challenges resolute and undivided. As one with ourselves.”

Addressing his 2021 EP ‘Q1’, which explored themes of self-acceptance, Gamaliél said: “You’ve overcome the internal, what’s next? These challenges, be it asteroids or whatever, I see as a constant, and you can either choose to move forward and face them or get stuck and hide behind comfort. I’d rather choose the former.”

The track – his first solo release of the year – is also the first song to be released via Gamaliél’s own record label, Sélf Records. It follows his collaborative cover of Melly Goeslaw’s 2002 classic ballad, ‘Ada Apa Dengan Cinta?’ in May with Isyana Sarasvati.

Of ‘Q1’, which was released in March 2021, Gamaliél said in an interview with NME that he “had already decided the purpose of this record – that I wanted to apologise to my past self”.


Despite his newfound “purpose” in his solo music, Gamaliél also revealed that he has “no ambition to break free” from his band GAC. The trio – whose other members Audrey Tapiheru and Cantika Abigail also launched solo material last year – announced a hiatus in August 2019.