Listen to Gibbs’ polished new single ‘Angel Baby’ featuring Moophs

"The song is really an anthem about fighting your inner demons and letting the light in"

Filipino sister duo Gibbs and Manila-based producer Moophs have teamed up for a new collaborative single titled ‘Angel Baby’.

The song dropped on major streaming services on Friday (April 9). According to Gibbs, it was deeply influenced by the orchestral and cinematic James Bond movie themes, and artists such as Michael Jackson and Daft Punk, as well as the likes of Miley Cyrus, Dua Lipa, and Lady Gaga.

Listen to ‘Angel Baby’ below.


The duo said the song’s lyrics are a poetic take on empowerment. “To us, the song is really an anthem about fighting your inner demons and letting the light in,” they said. “In these dark and confusing times, we’re hoping the song gives people that badass confidence to fight whatever they’re facing. We want the song to be empowering.”

The new track is Gibbs’ second single after debuting with ‘No Hearts’ in 2019. The first single had won the Best New Group Recording Artist and Best Pop Recording Artist at the Awit Awards 2020.

The duo said ‘Angel Baby’ came about during the coronavirus lockdown. “Being stuck at home together for months really allowed us to explore our songwriting and create a fantasy world through music.”

“We are big fans of sci-fi and action-horror genres and we’re quite obsessed with a show called Lovecraft Country during the first few months of quarantine, which heavily
influenced the theme and story behind the song. Basically, the song is about a heroine fighting evil and saving the day.”

Moophs said ‘Angel Baby’ was unlike other projects he had done previously due to the specifics of Gibbs’ hopes to mix the sounds of Miley Cyrus, ’80s rock and James Bond


“I’ve never had a brief that was that specific or eclectic so I spent a couple of days just listening to references, soaking everything in, and just trying things.”

“It was a challenge at first figuring out how to meld all the influences together, but once I found the bassline and core synth patches and figured out how to work in some of the Bond melodies, the rest started to fall into place quickly.”

Gibbs announced via a press release that more singles are expected to follow soon.

In September last year, Moophs, who is the founder of Tarsier Records, released the single ‘Rise’, collaborating with five other artists: Malaysia’s Zee Avi, Filipino pop stars Inigo Pascual and Sam Concepcion, Grammy award-winning rapper Eric Bellinger, and songwriter Vince Nantes.