Listen to Grimes’ new song ‘Delicate Weapon’ from ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ soundtrack

Grimes appears on the game as the character Lizzy Wizzy

Grimes has shared a new song from the Cyberpunk 2077 soundtrack – listen to ‘Delicate Weapon’ below.

Last month, it was revealed that the likes of SOPHIEShygirl, HEALTHLet’s Eat Grandma and more would all be contributing to the game’s soundtrack under aliases.

They all join Run The Jewels, who released their song ‘No Save Point’ for the game last month. The hip-hop duo will appear in-game under the pseudonym ‘Yankee and the Brave’.


As well as releasing the new song, Grimes is a character in the game under the alias Lizzy Wizzy that players can interact with.

Listen to the shimmering ‘Delicate Weapon’ below.

Reviewing Cyberpunk 2077, NME wrote: Despite all the controversies it’s found itself embroiled in, this is a game with a surprising amount of heart. While The Witcher 3 redefined what players expect from an open world, this RPG eight years in the making pushes modern gaming to its limits rather than forging a bold new future.

“Cyberpunk is essentially Deus Ex meets Grand Theft Auto – a familiar feeling experience with one element that separates it from its peers, its unparalleled role playing. Thanks to the freedom afforded by its richly crafted dialogue choices, its consistently brilliant voice acting and the sharp script, Cyberpunk excels as a narrative-driven video game – even if it may not be the medium-redefining classic many hoped for.”


Grimes released her latest album ‘Miss_Anthropocene’ back in February. The album made number 48 in NME’s list of the best albums of 2020.

Such is her refusal to be pigeonholed, after the blissful art-pop of 2015’s ‘Art Angels’, Grimes’ only option was to take a sharp left turn,” said the review.

“Her fifth album was a much denser, more claustrophobic effort that gleamed like dark chrome, reflecting the looming climate crisis and turmoil in her personal life as her relationship with Tesla CEO, Elon Musk put her firmly under the celeb spotlight. This was Grimes trying to make sense of her changing world.”

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