Listen to Indonesian duo Biru Baru’s dreamy single ‘Terbenam’

The Jakarta band's first release on Juni Records

Indonesian duo Biru Baru have dropped a dreamy single titled ‘Terbenam’ (Sunset).

“Can’t stop looking at the evening sky, whether it’s when you come home from work, come home from school, finish college,” the band said poetically when they teased the song ‘Terbenam’ on Instagram last week.

“Every day looking at the evening sky from buses, trains, motorbikes, cars, and rooms, it’s always beautiful. When you look at the evening sky, what moment do you remember?”


Watch the music video for ‘Terbenam’ below.

‘Terbenam’ is the first song from the Jakarta-based band to be released via local label Juni Records, which has worked with the likes of Raisa, Kunto Aji, Ramengvrl and Barasuara.

“We’re really happy because it turns out that our work has been heard and supported by Juni. The people on board are also very supportive and in line with our direction. Hopefully, our collaboration with do well in the future,” the band said earlier this week, as quoted by

‘Terbenam’ is the art pop duo’s first single for 2021 and is a follow-up to their debut album ‘Selamat Datang’ which launched in November 2020.

Formed in 2018, Biru Baru consists of Goldan Tambayong and Telitha Belinda Esmeralda. The band have cited Mura Masa, Petra Sihombing, and Kunto Aji as some of their influences.


Prior to the debut album, the band released a slew of singles, including ‘Coming Back for You’ in 2019, and ‘Pluto’, ‘Sejenak’, and ‘Kapal Pesiar’ the following year.