Listen to Indonesian metal duo Cangkang Serigala’s new track ‘Gerinx Mendadak’

The track is said to be part of an EP that will release in February

Indonesian experimental black metal project Cangkang Serigala have released a new track titled ‘Gerinx Mendadak’, featuring performance artist FJ Kunting.

The track, which was released on Thursday (January 14), can only be streamed in its lyric video format on YouTube for now. The track features Ahmad Oka Prasetiya Aji on vocals, and Arsita Pinandita on guitar.

‘Gerinx Mendadak’ features Indonesian performance artist FJ Kunting, whose sneezes contribute to the track. The video’s concept hones in on this, and features a montage of him sneezing throughout the near four-minute track.


Watch the lyric video for ‘Gerinx Mendadak’ below.


Lyrically – and as prefaced by FJ Kunting’s interpretive performance – ‘Gerinx Mendadak’ tells the tale of someone who falls gravely ill out of the blue and is forced to self-isolate. Per Whiteboard Journal, the lyrics were written long before the coronavirus pandemic surfaced in 2020.

The track follows ‘Majosae’, which released on January 1. Both songs are expected to be part of an upcoming Cangkang Serigala EP that is scheduled for release sometime in February, per Whiteboard Journal.

Cangkang Serigala formed in 2005 while the duo were studying at the Yogyakarta Art Institute. The band originated as a trio, with Ikhsan Syahirul as its third member. He left the band in 2013 to move to Bali and focus on his career outside of music.


The duo’s last music release prior to ‘Gerinx Mendadak’ and ‘Majosae’ was their 2014 three-track EP, ‘The Home Front’.