Listen to Indonesian singer-songwriter Noui’s debut EP ‘Innerchild’

"Here it is, my personal journey of becoming a full grown human... From feelings of despair to love, all intertwined"

Singapore-based Indonesian singer-songwriter Noui has dropped her debut EP titled ‘Innerchild’.

The six-track release uploaded on streaming platforms via Wonderland Records and Universal Music Indonesia on Friday (April 8). It features previously released singles ‘Everytime we fall’ featuring Heiakim, ‘Hometonone’, and a remix of ‘Reverie’ featuring rapper A. Nayaka.

Listen to ‘Innerchild’ below.


Per a press release, ‘Innerchild’ is inspired by the 25-year-old’s personal experiences and details a story of childhood traumas and events that are hard to digest, all of which lead to a journey of self-discovery.

The EP also focuses on the bright side of tragedy, with Noui wanting to raise awareness and to encourage people to romanticise and cherish every moment in their lives.

“I never thought it was possible that streams of feelings could be compressed into a tiny box,” Noui wrote on Instagram.

“But well here it is, my personal journey of becoming a full grown human, carefully placed into each songs. From feelings of despair to love, all intertwined, creating movements of its own.”


In May last year, Noui released the dreamy song ‘Everytime We Fall’ which saw her collaborate with content creator and producer Heaiakim. The track was her second single following 2020’s ‘Neptune’s Tune’, and her debut on Wonderland and Universal Music.

The Jakarta-born artist, who is currently working as an animator in Singapore, began writing and performing her original songs after uploading videos of covers on YouTube.