Listen to Isyana Sarasvati’s new EP, ‘my Mystery’

A teaser of things to come from her upcoming fourth studio album

Indonesian singer-songwriter Isyana Sarasvati has released a new five-track EP, ‘my Mystery’.

Uploaded onto all major streaming platforms on Friday (June 17), the EP features the previously released title track, ‘Il Sogno’ and 2020’s ‘Unlock The Key’. The short project also includes two new tracks: ‘Intro: If I Can Turn Back Time’ and ‘Prelude I’ featuring Mantra Vutura.

Listen to Isyana Sarasvati’s ‘my Mystery’ EP below.


Ahead of the EP’s release, Sarasvati took to social media to share that the EP is just a taste of things to come as she works on her upcoming fourth studio album.

She also teased that her ‘Prelude I’ featuring Mantra Vutura’ is just a snippet of a full theme that will be included in the upcoming album. Further information surrounding the album has yet to be announced.

In an interview with NME in April, the Indonesian singer-songwriter shared that the album’s sound will feature a “red thread” connected to her operatic rock songs, ’Unlock the Key’ and ‘Il Sogno’.

Sarasvati teamed up with Indonesian death metal band DeadSquad in late December to release a heavier version of ‘Il Sogno’, which combined the original track’s operatic and progressive rock arrangement with DeadSquad’s extreme brand of metal, with Sarasvati’s angelic voice set against Augustinus Widi’s chilling guttural vocals, furiously picked tremolo riffs and blistering blast beats.