Listen to Jess Connelly’s seductive new single, ‘Better’

The Filipino R&B singer’s first release of the year

Filipino R&B singer-songwriter Jess Connelly has released her latest single, ‘Better’.

Released on Wednesday (June 15), the new track is produced by frequent collaborator LUSTBASS, who last worked with her on ‘Over You’ in August last year.

The piano-driven track sees Connelly reaffirm her love for a partner through lyrics like “You know that it fuck me up when we divided / I don’t need to look nowhere to know I need him” and “Who gon’ do me better than you / Ain’t nobody better baby”.


Listen to Jess Connelly’s ‘Better’ below.

‘Better’ is Conelly’s first track of the year. She most recently released ‘Over You’ in early August last year. Prior to ‘Over You’, she released the track ‘Risk’ in April 2021.

It is currently unclear if ‘Risk’, ‘Over You’ and ‘Better’ will be part of a larger project for the Filipino R&B artist. She last released the EP ‘ATM’ in 2019 and her 13-track debut album ‘Jcon’ in August 2018 via Empire.

Jess Connelly made her debut with the 2015 EP ‘How I Love’ followed by a string of singles like ‘Turn Me Down’, ‘Deep + Involved’, ‘On My Way Up’ and ‘Mine’ between 2017 and 2018. Those four songs would go on to feature on ‘Jcon’.

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