Listen to Leslie Low’s new album, ‘Blood Red Pale White’

The second release this year by the Singaporean singer-songwriter

Singaporean singer-songwriter Leslie Low has released ‘Blood Red Pale White’, his latest studio album.

It is the second of two full-length releases by the veteran this year, the first being July’s ‘Sand’. It also follows up 2020’s ‘Be Still, The Mountain’.

Issued on Sunday (August 1), ‘Blood Red Pale White’ is a collection of songs “circa 2017-2018”, as Low wrote in the album description on Bandcamp. Like his past few efforts, the album is entirely self-released.


“Some of these songs you might find familiar as they were part of my sets back then,” he continued. “These songs have always held a special place in my heart, but I lacked the tenacity to finish the album before.”

The acoustically-driven sound of ‘Blood Red White Pale’ arrives in stark contrast to the electric folk rock of ‘Sand’, which stands as his latest recorded effort, having been tracked in September 2020.

Listen to ‘Blood Red Pale White’ below.

The songs were written and recorded in between his 2018 solo album ‘Singapore in my bones’ (which was recorded in 2017), and ‘The Monsoon’, his 2019 collaborative album with multi-instrumentalist – and former bandmate in The Observatory – Victor Low.

“The approach back then was a more straightforward acoustic sound,” Low told NME. “It was an older ethos I was familiar with and wanted to tap into again. It ended up being quite a personal journey for me as I explored quite a lot of things that were on my mind then. Like my identity, our culture and the country that we live in. However, I lacked the conviction to finish the project then. So I abandoned it and moved on to collaborate with Low on ‘The Monsoon’.”


While the songs on ‘Blood Red White Pale’ are a couple of years older in 2021, Low still felt the need to release them. “In hindsight, I find the songs still quite potent and valid even though it is outdated from what’s happening now,” he said. “I do hope the listener can still find stories to relate to on this album.”

Low began his musical stride in Singaporean indie rock bands Humpback Oak and Twang Bar Kings in the 1990s. Since then, he went on to co-found art-rock band The Observatory, and has since participated in several other projects like Pan Gu, Hanging Up The Moon, Magus and Piblokto.

Low left The Observatory after the band released their eighth album ‘August Is The Cruellest’ in 2016.