Listen to Lil Asian Thiccie’s remix of Alextbh’s ‘You’ featuring Sam Rui

The Malaysian rapper has put her own spin on her favourite Alextbh song

Malaysian rapper Lil Asian Thiccie has dropped a buttery remix of R&B artist Alextbh’s song ‘You’ featuring Singaporean singer Sam Rui.

The Kuala Lumpur rapper released her take on the song yesterday (October 29) on Instagram.

“did a lil autotune-y remix of my favorite alextbh song ☁️ still learning how to record and mix on my own shit is hard 😓😓😓,” she wrote in the caption.


“My vocal range is nowhere near” that of Alextbh or Rui, she wrote, “but you subscribed to lil asian content it is what it is and it’s fckn cute get with the winning team.”

Check out the remix below.


Lil Asian Thiccie also uploaded the self-recorded and -produced bedroom cover, which she renamed ‘Youh’, on Soundcloud.

Alextbh responded positively to the cover, writing: “she really isn’t like the other girls.. stan lilasianthiccie pls.”


Inspired by the likes of Doja Cat and Nicki Minaj, the 23-year-old Lil Asian Thiccie caught the attention of KL’s rap scene with her song ‘Hiao’ in 2017.

In August, Lil Asian Thiccie dropped her single ‘Unruly’, in another collaboration with producer Wilton Seibt aka Daaliah.

Last year, Lil Asian Thiccie worked with SonaOne on her collaborative track ‘Get Munni’ with rapper Zamaera. She also landed performance slots at the music festival Good Vibes and House of Vans 2019.

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