Listen to Malaysian punk trio No Good’s reggae-tinged single ‘Kayaba’

The track arrives ahead of their upcoming debut album

Malaysian punk trio No Good have dropped a reggae-tinged single titled ‘Kayaba’.

The new song premiered on streaming services on Thursday evening (August 19) and arrives ahead of their upcoming debut album.

Infusing elements of dub reggae and buzzsaw guitar riffs, the track is a slight departure from their signature short, fast, and loud, garage punk sound displayed in their 2020 EP, ‘Demo Kawe’.


Listen to the track below.

No Good – which also consists of frontman Abe Yed (also known as Smek) and bassist Yie – feature members of post-hardcore group Killeur Calculateur and math rock band Dirgahayu.

The band’s drummer Che Ali said the track – which is sung in the Kelantanese Malay dialect – is about finding “some joy” even through financial hardship.

He explains that ‘Kayaba’ is an expression one makes in “zoning out” after lighting up a spliff, while the song was written right after the band completed ‘Demo Kawe’.

“We’ve played it on the ‘Tubik Derak’ tour, so those who went to the gigs early last year must’ve heard it before,” he told NME.


Che Ali, real name Ali Johan, said the single is also the first in No Good’s forthcoming as-of-yet-titled LP, which will consist of 11 tracks.

“The recordings are all done, now we’re making adjustments to make it sound ‘handsome’, but it’s been halted due to the lockdown.” Due to the lockdown, Che Ali said there was no “logical due date for the release yet.”

In December last year, No Good clinched four awards at the annual TAPAUawards, bagging prizes for Best Music Video for the single ‘Che Using’, and Best Album Art, Best Artist, and Best Release categories.

Their seven-track EP ‘Demo Kawe’ also made it into NME Asia’s 25 best Asian albums of 2020 list.

“No Good drag us by our throats into their musical world through sheer energy and conviction in frontman Smek’s Kelantanese rants,” NME writer Adrian Yap wrote.

“‘Demo Kawe’s’ seven tracks run at a very snappy 10:17 minutes, so you never feel you have enough. You always need another spin.”