Listen to Malaysian rappers Danye and A-Kid’s new collaborative album, ‘DNA SIDE B’

The groovy follow-up to their 2019 album 'DNA SIDE A'

Malaysian rap duo Danye and A-Kid have shared a collaborative album titled ‘DNA SIDE B’.

The eight-track release arrived on digital platforms via independent label Soul Fit Entertainment on Friday (November 26). It is the follow-up to the album ‘DNA SIDE A’, which dropped in September 2019.

Per a press release, ‘DNA SIDE A’ combines the initials of both musicians and was created with 16 tracks prior to being divided equally into two parts.


Its earlier album features bold, aggressive lyrics and rap flow, while ‘DNA SIDE B’ takes a turn for the groovier, introspective, and lighter side of things.

Listen to ‘DNA SIDE B’ below.

Soul Fit Entertainment founder AziqueBeats noted in a press statement that hip-hop has evolved and gained popularity with Malaysian youth in recent years.

“We are excited to share our ideas and product to whoever that is optimistic about our local music in the future,” AziqueBeats said, “and expanding and uplifting the hip hop culture here in different ways that can also appeal to the masses.”

In 2019, Danye and A-Kid released the single ‘BANK$’, which featured on ‘DNA SIDE A’ and received airplay on local mainstream radio stations such as and Era. The frequent collaborators had also worked on the follow-up single ‘Sure Shot’ the same year and released the single ‘Play on Playa’ with a music video in October 2020.


In September, the 20-year-old Danye released his debut solo album ‘Book of Daniel’ containing 18 songs. He also featured on Abubakarxli’s recent EP ‘EXACXLI’ on the song ‘Selesai’ (resolved).

Meanwhile, A-Kid – real name Akid Lim – released a string of singles starting with ‘Apa Lagi Kita Mau’ in 2016, along with his 2018 hit single ‘Gaji Masuk’, which boasts more than one million streams on YouTube.

In 2019, A-Kid also launched his solo debut EP ‘Stereotype’ which contained five tracks and collaborations with the likes of Shelhiel, Dato Maw, and more.