Listen to Marian Carmel and Akeem Jahat’s new single ‘What Are We?’

Also featuring Singaporean production house Soul Dot

Singaporean musicians Marian Carmel and Akeem Jahat have unveiled a new collaborative single entitled ‘What Are We?’.

The slow-burning R&B track arrived on major streaming platforms on Friday, July 2. The song was also a collaboration with Soul Dot, a production studio based in Singapore, and notably features a slow rap verse in English from Akeem Jahat, in contrast to the rapper’s usual rapid-fire delivery.

Listen to ‘What Are We?’ below.



‘What Are We?’ touches upon complicated relationships and partners asking each other how they see the relationship progressing. “If you’re going through the ‘what are we?’ phase, I hope this song makes u feel a bit better,” Carmel said on Instagram.

Prior to the release of ‘What Are We?’, Carmel released ‘You Like The Chase’ in June. The single – her first of the year – followed last November’s ‘Rose’. The Philippines-born artist is also slated to release more singles in the lead-up to her debut album, due for release later this year.

In March, Akeem released his first single of the year, ‘Hollywoodlands’. The track followed the release of two other singles last year, ‘Robbin’s Revenge’ and ‘Wooligan 2020’.

Most recently, the rapper appeared on an all-Singaporean remix of Malaysian rap crew FORCEPARKBOIS’ ‘Lotus’ in May. The track also featured verses from Fariz Jabba, OmarKENOBI, MIIKOTHE13TH, AE$OP CA$H, Frank Loco, YHB Sleepsalot, Khally and comedian Fakkah Fuzz.


Soul Dot is a production studio based in Singapore that has released two prior singles: ‘朋友’ and ‘Alone Together’ in 2020. The studio has also produced, recorded, mixed and mastered tracks for acts such as Carmel, Fingerfunk, Fathin Amira and Tim De Cotta, among others.