Listen to Narelle Kheng’s new single, ‘Just Shut Up’

Off the Singaporean artist's upcoming EP, 'Part 3'

Singaporean singer-songwriter Narelle Kheng of The Sam Willows fame has dropped the new single ‘Just Shut Up’ off her upcoming EP ‘Part 3’.

Released under her first name, the track was co-written by Kheng, Daniel Wilson, Josh Wei and Yves Rothman. Wei and Rothman also produced the song. Watch the lyric video for ‘Just Shut Up’ below.


In 2019, Kheng released ‘Part 1’ and ‘Part 2’, which were represented by the colours purple and blue, respectively. The EPs featured songs like ‘Outta My Head’, ‘Tears’ and ‘Let Me Be’. ‘Part 3’ will be the last EP in the trilogy and will represented by the color orange.

“The previous releases, ‘Purple’ and ‘Blue’, reflect the depths of the heavy night, while ‘Orange’ represents the sun rising in the morning of a new day,” Kheng said in a statement. “‘Just Shut Up’ is that morning song that I would just play on my headphones to hype myself up for the day.”

Prior to her solo career, Narelle was the former bassist and vocalist of pop quartet The Sam Willows alongside her brother Benjamin Kheng and other members Sandra Riley Tang and Jon Chua JX. They performed at local and international festivals such as SXSW in Texas and Summer Sonic Festival in Japan before announcing an indefinite hiatus in May 2019.

Since then, each member of the Willows has gone on to develop a solo career. Prior to Narelle, Benjamin was the last member to have dropped a solo single, ‘Fresh Feelings’ featuring J.Sheon which dropped in January.