Listen to Otoboke Beaver’s energetic new single, ‘Pardon?’

From the Japanese punk band’s upcoming album, ‘Super Champon'

Japanese punk quartet Otoboke Beaver have shared an energetic new music video for their latest single, ‘Pardon?’.

Released on Tuesday night (March 22), the music video for ‘Pardon?’ sees the band singing along to the track as they partake in photoshoots depicting them reading books and magazines.

The track – available on all digital streaming platforms today (March 23) – features fast distorted electric guitars, a funky bass line, dizzying drums and the lyrics “I don’t know what you mean” screamed repeatedly throughout the course of the song.


Watch the music for ‘Pardon?’ below.

‘Pardon?’ serves as the fourth preview of the band’s upcoming third studio album, ‘Super Champon’. The album is scheduled to release on May 6 via Damnably, and will feature a total of 18 songs.

The album will include previously released singles ‘I Am Not Maternal’, ‘Don’t Call Me Mojo’ and ‘Dirty Old Fart Is Waiting For My Reaction’. Check out the album’s complete track list below.

Otoboke Beaver are also set to tour North America later this year, beginning on September 30 and wrapping up on October 21. The tour – which was originally scheduled for March and April, had been postponed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic – will see the four-piece perform in Toronto, Brooklyn, Chicago, Los Angeles and more. Check out the complete list of tour dates here.


Otoboke Beaver 'Super Champon'
The cover of Otoboke Beaver’s ‘Super Champon’. Credit: Damnable

The tracklist for Otoboke Beaver’s ‘Super Champon’ is:

  1. ‘I Am Not Maternal’
  2. ‘Yakitori’
  3. ‘I Won’t Dish Out Salads’
  4. ‘Pardon?’
  5. ‘Nabe Party With Pocket Brothers’
  6. ‘Leave Me Alone! No, Stay With Me!’
  7. ‘I Checked Your Cellphone’
  8. ‘I Put My Love To You In A Song JASRAC’ 
  9. ‘Don’t Call Me Mojo’
  10. ‘Where Did You Buy Such A Nice Watch You Are Wearing Now?’
  11. ‘George & Janice’
  12. ‘First-Class Side-Guy’
  13. ‘You’re No Hero, Shut Up F*ck You Man-whore’
  14. ‘I Don’t Want To Die Alone’
  15. ‘Dirty Old Fart Is Waiting For My Reaction’
  16. ‘Do You Want Me To Send You A DM’
  17. ‘Do You Want Me To Send You A DM pt. 2’
  18. ‘Let’s Shopping After Show’

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