Listen to Pamungkas’ new single, ‘Happy Birthday To You’

The fourth preview of his upcoming album, ‘Birdy’

Indonesian singer-songwriter Pamungkas has released his latest single, ‘Happy Birthday To You’.

Released on Thursday (April 14), the track sees Pamungkas wishing their ex-partner, who’s moved onto a new relationship, a happy birthday.

Happy birthday to you / Although you’re with someone new / I guess I just touch base / To wish you all the best,” he sings on the track’s opening verse.


Listen to ‘Happy Birthday To You’ below.

‘Happy Birthday To You’ serves as the fourth preview of the singer-songwriter’s upcoming album, ‘Birdy’. Released in January, the album’s title track led to accusations of plagiarism over the song’s original lyrics, which strongly mirrored Charles Bukowski’s poem, “The Bluebird”. Pamungkas would quietly upload a new version of ‘Birdy’ featuring reworked lyrics that distanced the song from Bukowski’s poem.

Pamungkas followed up with two other singles, ‘Please Baby Please’ in February and ‘Trust Me With This (Mama)’ in March.

In late February, he announced that his ‘Pamungkas: A Day in Yogyakarta’ concert has been rescheduled from February 13 to May 28. He is now set to perform alongside his backing band and the Puput Pramuditya Orchestra in a two-hour performance at the concert at JNM Bloc.

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