Listen to Rendy Pandugo’s new EP ‘See You Someday’

The EP title was inspired by the artist's habit of saying "See you someday" at the end of shows

Indonesian singer-songwriter Rendy Pandugo has dropped an EP titled ‘See You Someday’.

The release, containing six tracks, arrived on major streaming services last Friday (January 29). Rendy described the EP as “six tracks full of stories and memories, inspired from my own personal life and people around me”.


The new EP also includes the two songs, ‘Home’ and ‘Mr. Sun’, which he released as singles last year.

Listen to ‘See You Someday’ below:

Produced by his friends and fellow musicians such as Teddy Adhitya (‘Far’), Petra Sihombing (‘B.Y.L’), and Enrico Octaviano (‘Secret’), the title of the EP was inspired by the artist’s habit of saying “See you someday” at the end of his live performances.

The EP, a mix of acoustic tracks, alternative pop with a touch of piano and an emotive ballads, was jointly released under his label Wonderland Records and Universal Music Indonesia. It was mixed by Ollipop from The Kennel Sweden and mastered by Greg Calby from Sterling Sound.

A press release noted that while previously Rendy mainly wrote his songs from fictional stories, most tracks on the new EP were based on true stories of his own or his friends.


The lead single ‘Far’, for instance, speaks of forbidden love while ‘B.Y.L’ (‘Before You Left’) touches on a friend whose partner left him and their children for no reason. On the track ‘Home’, Rendy sings about longing to be with his wife and daughter while he is on the road.

Starting out his career as a cafe singer in 2014, the Jakarta-based musician released his debut album ‘The Journey’ in August 2017. The 11-track debut included songs such as ‘I Don’t Care’, ‘Silver Rain’, ‘By My Side’ and ‘7 Days’.