Hear Rico Blanco put his own spin on Orange and Lemons’ ‘Pinoy Ako’

‘Pinoy Tayo’ is the new ‘Pinoy Big Brother’ theme and will feature on a compilation tribute to Jonathan Manalo

Filipino singer-songwriter Rico Blanco has recorded and released ‘Pinoy Tayo’, a renamed and reimagined version of Orange And Lemons’ ‘Pinoy Ako’.

The song will now serve as the theme song for the upcoming 10th season of Pinoy Big Brother, which is currently searching for its stars in its auditions phase, ABS-CBN reported.

Blanco’s take on the song features newly added elements of Filipino culture with instruments such as the banduria and kubing, and a fuller sound with thicker bass, stronger guitar chords and deeper drum tones.


Listen to Rico Blanco’s ‘Pinoy Tayo’ below.

Of the remake, Blanco said: “It’s such an honour to do the song. Just what it stands for. The original version is so well-loved. This is a chance to rediscover it.”

“I asked myself ‘what is ‘me’’ and I put in all the small elements that my songs had throughout the years,” he shared in a press release. “I am excited about that happiness that the song can provide. It’s a very bright, upbeat song, and I kept that from the original version”.

The track also features acclaimed songwriter and composer Johnathan Manalo as supervising producer. Manalo had also produced the original 2005 song from Orange And Lemons.

According to a press release, Blanco’s version of ‘Pinoy Tayo’ will serve as the first single from an upcoming 25-track tribute album that will pay homage to Manalo’s contributions to the Filipino music scene over the last 20 years.


“I’m grateful to hear people saying that this song has become part of the soundtrack of their lives,” Manalo said in a statement. “As I embark on my 20th anniversary in the music industry this year, an icon, a legend who I look up to helped me kickstart the celebration by re-imagining this song with his genius.”

Blanco’s record label, Balcony Entertainment, also facilitated the release of late Slapshock frontman Jamir Garcia’s posthumous single ‘Paraiso’ earlier this month.

In other news, Blanco most recently produced a song entitled ‘Tanging Kailangan’ for Ebe Dancel in late August. In late July, the singer-songwriter performed an acoustic version of ‘Alab ng Maya’, a song from his former band Rivermaya, to pay tribute to the Philippines’ first-ever Olympic gold medalist Hidilyn Diaz.

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